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Weight: 0.22 kg

Material: stainless steel, wooden handle

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EGGing is fun, except that caked fat and burnt food scraps may stick to the grid of your Big Green Egg. You can quickly and easily scrape your grid clean using this Cooking Grid Cleaner. Thanks to its extended handle, you don’t have to wait until your EGG and grid have cooled down.
If you clean your grid after each session, you won’t find the soot from your previous EGG party on your meat. However, a scouring pad is messy and scrubbing takes forever. You can easily remove burnt food scraps from your grid using the Cooking Grid Cleaner with the V-shaped end. You can even do this while EGGing to prevent your steak from tasting of salmon.
Weight 0.22 kg
Material stainless steel, wooden handle
Code 201324