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Weight: 2/17 kg

Material: stainless steel

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How do you remove the ash from your cooled down EGG without fumbling or getting your hands dirty? That is the mission of the new stainless steel Fire Bowls. Hang it over a bin and filter the ash from the extinguished charcoal. It ensures maximum airflow allowing you to get going quickly. You can lift me up!
The Big Green Egg stainless steel Fire Bowls will do your dirty work for you. Just lower it using the useful handles. Want to add some charcoal? From now on, you can do that in the Fire Bowls as well. The 2XL and XL Fire Bowls are split into two separate compartments to cover the two zones in your EGG. This tool is made of the highest quality stainless steel, without any welds, which makes it amazingly strong. You can simply place it on the Cast Iron Grate or directly in the fire basket.
Weight 2/17 kg
Material stainless steel
Code 122674