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Code: 117205

Weight: 0.58 kg

Material: stainless steel

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Lower the grid lifter, rotate a quarter of a turn, clamp and lift. Lifting the hot and heavy Cast Iron Grid of your Big Green Egg, perhaps to place or remove the convEGGtor, is a hot job. However, the handy Cast Iron Grid Lifter will quickly take care of it for you. The plate under the handle of the Cast Iron Grid Lifter protects your hands against any rising hot air.
The Cast Iron Grid Lifter is a clever tool that makes it easy to lift heavy grids without dirtying your hands. And replacing the grid is just as easy with the Grid Lifter. The Cast Iron Grid Lifter is not suitable for the Cast Iron Grid of the Big Green Egg Mini. And if you just need to lift the stainless steel grid, you can use the Grid Gripper.
Weight 0.58 kg
Material stainless steel
Code 117205