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Code: 120175

Weight: 14.9 kg

Material: powder coated stainless steel

Remarks: 4 caster kits are included

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Price: 830.00 BGN

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That’s right, here at Big Green Egg we do two in one! The intEGGrated Nest+Handler merges two great products into a single fantastic creation. A strong, stable nest and a useful tool for moving your EGG safely thanks to its strong large castors. Nest + transport; and all that in a sleek design.
Beauty and brains in a single robust product reveal right away that the intEGGrated Nest+Handler is a typical Big Green Egg invention. A base made from coated steel with strong handles that you use to roll your EGG wherever you wish: out of the wind, to shelter or even temporarily in the garage. Rough or uneven surface? That’s no problem for the four castors, two of which are fitted with wheel locks. During the journey, your EGG sits securely in its nest and the handles remain cool, even if your EGG isn’t. This perfectly integrated duo has been modelled on the iconic EGG shapes.
Weight 14.9 kg
Material powder coated stainless steel
Remarks 4 caster kits are included
Code 120175