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Material: stainless steel, silicone

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With the Silicone Tipped Tongs you’ve got everything right where you want it. Thanks to the silicon finish, these multifunctional stainless steel tongs have an excellent non-slip grip. You can effortlessly place your grilled food on your EGG, turn it over and remove it again, without making a mess or dropping anything.
You can comfortably grip a chicken leg, lamb chop or hamburger using these stainless steel tongs. Or you can use the tongs for dishing up pasta or salad. The Silicone Tipped Tongs are 40 cm or 30 cm in length and can withstand temperatures up to 260°C. And when you’ve finished using them, just place them in the dishwasher with the rest of the dirty dishes.
Weight 0.28 kg
Material stainless steel, silicone
Code 116864